The Spring Sports Season is Here!!!

DBHS Spring Sports is Here!!!
The spring sports season is here!!!  If you are interested in any of the following sports, click on the highlighted name and it will connect you to the coach of that sport.  This is the PERFECT time to get involved in athletics and maybe try something new!  If you have never played a sport before, no worries!!! Our coaches will help you safely develop your skills so that you can participate!
Football  Coach Watson
Women's Soccer:  TBA
Softball:  Coach Grant 
Baseball:  Coach Simmons
Track:  1st SGT Freeman
Eligibility Requirements:  Please read the chart below to help you determine your athletic eligibility.  If you need help figuring this out, please email me so that I can walk you through it.
If you need support to help you become eligible, please let me know!  We can help prepare you for next school year!

Academic Requirements PRIOR to the season of your respective sport.

70 average or 2.0 GPA

Pass 3 out of 4 classes 

Get promoted to the next grade level (Must pass English!)

Take a minimum of 3 classes the semester before your season starts 

Take at least 2 classes during the semester your season takes place 

Attendance Requirements

CANNOT miss more than 54 class periods 

Residency Requirements 

Must live in DBHS Attendance Area OR be a member of one of our academies