How is a reach associate different from a traditional teaching assistant?

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The reach associate role is an advanced paraprofessional role.  Reach associates take on greater levels of responsibility to support teachers with instruction. They are expected to support student learning through various activities such as leading small groups, working with students one on one, and managing larger groups of students while the lead teacher (such as a multi-classroom leader or team reach teacher) works with individuals or small groups.  While working with students, reach associates often reteach concepts to students who have not mastered a skill, or extend and enrich instruction for students who are ready to move forward.  Reach associates also must have some classroom management skills to supervise students independently.  Reach associates do not create lesson plans, but implement plans created by the lead teacher. They may provide input for lesson plans based on their observations and data gathered on student performance.  The reach associate role may be played by a teacher resident who is obtaining a degree or certification while working.