Hurricane Season Prep

Hurricane Season Is Here! Access NOAA Resources


June 1 marked the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. NOAA's National Ocean Service provides a wide variety of emergency services in preparation for, response to, and recovery from hurricanes. Being aware of the power of these destructive forces, and the science behind them, can help you stay safe this hurricane season. NOAA research shows that tropical cyclone rainfall rates are likely to increase due to the effects of global warming. 

 NOAA’s Historical Hurricane Tracks is an online tool where you can search hurricane tracks by location, year, name, or category. Try it out: and stay safe this hurricane season.


It's no surprise that summer weather hazards can escalate quickly!  Stay WeatherReady by visiting NOAA's summer safety website.

NOAA also has a collection of social media posts and graphics in Spanish to share with your community.