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2022-2023 Choice Exit Intent Form

If you wish for your student to exit their current choice school assignment (Cumberland Acadmey 6-12) and return to their base school, please use the following link to access the 2022-2023 Choice Exit Intent Form.

2022-2023 Choice Exit Intent Form

Please complete this form only if you are requesting to exit your current Choice School
program. If the form is not submitted, your student will remain assigned to his/her current choice school. Please be reminded of the following as conditions of assignment to a CCS Choice School Program:

  • If I choose to remain at my current choice school, the assignment to the choice school is for the
    full academic year. Students may request a change assignment during the school year only if hardship
    conditions exist. If approved, reassignment will only be approved to return to the base school district.
  • I understand that I must furnish timely transportation to and from school each day if no exception
    for transportation has been made. (Failure to provide timely transportation may result in student
    transfer to their home school)

If you wish to request an exit, please complete the 2022-2023 Choice Exit Intent Form no later than March 4, 2022. Thank you for your interest in Cumberland County Schools.