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RRCS Attendance Procedure

School attendance is essential for student success and habitual chronic tardiness is a major factor in the loss of instructional time for students, regardless of age. It is also one of the most valuable life skills a student can learn and can be easily transferred as a valuable asset for the future. The loss of instructional time due to tardiness (late check-ins) may affect a student’s grades, achievement, and overall success in school.  Therefore, it is our expectation at Reid Ross Classical (Choice School) that our students arrive at school on time prepared for learning.

Choice School students are not allowed flexibility from attendance expectations. The Unexcused Tardiness Policy is posted on the school’s website with the start time of the school day indicating that any student will be considered tardy after the instructional day begins. All instances of tardiness are recorded, whether excused or unexcused, in the district database (PowerSchool). If a student is tardy, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform the school in writing the reason for tardiness within three days of the tardy.  

Parents should make every attempt to make appointments outside the school day, so interruptions and missed school time are minimal.  

In an effort to minimize student tardiness (late check-ins), the following procedure is in place:

  • Written notice will be mailed to the parent after an accumulation of five (5) and ten (10) unexcused tardies (late check-ins).
  • The Attendance Clerk/School Social Worker will inform the Student Assignment Office when the Choice School student has fifteen (15) unexcused tardies (late check-ins).  The Student Assignment Office will then provide a warning of pending dismissal to the parent/guardian in writing.  
  • Choice students who continue to check-in late after accumulating twenty (20) unexcused tardies will be referred to the Student Assignment Office for possible reassignment to their homeschool.  

Thank you in advance for your immediate attention regarding this procedure.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Chadwick, Attendance Clerk, or a School Social Worker (Ms. Ford, Middle School or Dr. McLaurin, High School).