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Final Transcript Information For Seniors

Final transcripts are typically ready to be sent out a week or two after graduation. They will not be available this week or next week. 
Below are methods to request your final transcript: 
If you need your transcript to be sent to a NC college or university to include community colleges, request them through through their Application Hub. If your original transcript was sent to colleges through, your final transcript will be automatically sent to those same colleges from This typically happens 10 days after graduation. 
If you applied for a college using Common App, your final transcript will be sent through Common App to the school you listed you were attending on the Final Bound For Survey. If your destination has changed since completing the Final Bound For Survey, please email Mrs. Raines to let her know. Only one school can be selected to send your final transcript to through Common App. 
All other requests must be completed through This includes, if you need your final transcript sent to a college or university outside of North Carolina, an employer, your home, or after June 17th. This link is also found on the CCS website and Pine Forest High School website under the Our Students tab.