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Glendale Acres Elementary School Supply List

Glendale Acres Elementary School

(Foreign Language Academy)



Kindergarten Supply List                                                                       

1    box of tissues

2    containers of Antibacterial Wipes

1    box of gallon-sized storage bags

1    box of sandwich-size storage bags

1    package of baby wipes

1    pair of Headphones                

First Grade Supply List

1     box of tissue

1     box of gallon-sized bags

1     box of sandwich-size bags                          

1     container of Antibacterial wipes     

1     pack of Baby Wipes

1     pair of Headphones


Second Grade Supply List       

2     boxes of tissue

1     Container of Antibacterial Wipes

1     box of gallon-sized bags

1     box of quart-sized bags

1     box of Baby Wipes

1     pair of Headphones


Exceptional Children's Class

1     box gallon-sized storage bags

1     box sandwich-sized storage bags

3     boxes of tissues

3     canisters of Antibacterial wipes

2     packages of baby wipes

1     pair of Headphones


Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade:  Please do not put your child’s name on these items as we share them in the classroom.  

 Glendale Acres Supply List