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Glendale Acres Elementary School Supply List

Glendale Acres Elementary School

(Foreign Language Academy)



Kindergarten Supply List                                           

2    packages No. 2 pencils 

2    boxes of 24 crayons

1    box jumbo 8 ct. crayons                             

2    boxes of tissues

2    containers of Antibacterial Wipes

1    box of gallon-sized storage bags

1    box of sandwich-size storage bags

1    box of “snack size” storage bags

1    package of baby wipes

1    bottle of hand sanitizer, 12 oz. bottle or                 


1    pack of erasers (pink, rectangle size)

1    pair of headphones - NO earbuds


First Grade Supply List

6   glue sticks

1    pack of flat pink erasers

1    pack of eraser tops for pencils

2     boxes of 24 crayons

2     dozen No. 2 pencils 

1     pair scissors

4     black and white marble composition

       notebooks (primary ruled)

1     pencil box (plastic 5x8)

1     box of dry erase markers

1     box of tissue

1     box of gallon-sized bags

1     box of sandwich-size bags                          

1     container of Antibacterial wipes

1     3-ring 1-inch binder with clear view pockets     

1     set of headphones – NO earbuds


Second Grade Supply List    

4     glue sticks   

1     box of tissue

1     Container of Antibacterial Wipes

1     box of gallon-sized bags

1     box of quart-sized bags

1     box of snack-sized bags

1     pair of headphones (NO EARBUDS)


Exceptional Children's Class

2     bottles of white glue

5     colored plastic folders with prongs

1     box of jumbo crayons

1     box gallon-sized storage bags

1     box sandwich sized storage bags

6     glue sticks

1     plastic pencil box

3     boxes of tissues

3     canisters of Antibacterial wipes

2     packages of baby wipes

1     pack of colored pencils

1     pack of markers

1     pack of dry erase markers

1     set of headphones-NO earbuds



Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade:  Please do not put your child’s name on these items as we share them in the classroom.  We would PREFER plain pencils as opposed to decorated pencils.


 Glendale Acres Supply List