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Pending Positive Metrics Exam Schedule as follows:

EOC and select CTE Classes Exam Dates Set:

Because there is a current requirement in the state of North Carolina to count the exam grade  20% of the students' final grade, CCS felt a need to address the range of scores a student could possibly receive. Since the learning conditions have been dramatically different from a "normal" semester, we want to be sure we take that into account when it comes to students and their exam grades on the EOC and CTE assessments. If a student takes the assessment, the exam score used for the exam grade cannot be below 60. If their exam score is lower than their current average, their current average will be used for their exam grade. In other words, if a student takes the exam, the exam cannot cause the student's average to drop. If they do not take the exam their exam grade will be a 50. Students will be able to make up the assessments during the makeup testing windows.

1st Semester Exam:
March 8 – 1st Period Students ONLY
March 9 – 2nd Period Students ONLY
March 10 – 3rd Period Students ONLY
March 11 – 4th Period Students ONLY