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Families Invited to Upcoming Cumberland Family Academy Sessions

All sessions will be facilitated virtually at 6 p.m. on Thursdays.


As the spring semester gets underway, Cumberland Family Academy is continuing to provide parents and caregivers with relevant and important information that can help them help their children succeed.


Cumberland Family Academy’s sessions take place virtually at 6 p.m. on Thursdays. Families can join the session, where they will be able to participate and ask questions. Additionally, Cumberland County Schools (CCS) posts an encore of each session on the district’s YouTube channel and Facebook page the following Tuesday.


In February, there are four sessions offered, including one in Spanish:


Making ‘The Plan’: Class Options for Middle and High School

Target Audience: 6th-11th Grade Families

Feb. 4, 2021


Middle school and high school families are invited to make sure students are prepared for high school and beyond. The workshop will help students plan their school schedules and learn more about class options. Register here:


IEP 101: How the Process Works

Target Audience: K-12 Families

Feb. 11, 2021


Individualized Education Plans (IEP) are a vital part of the learning process for children receiving Exceptional Children’s services. Join district staff to learn more about the IEP process, how the process works, and what the options are. Register here:


Sorry They (Children) Don’t Come With Instructions

Target Audience: Pre-K-5th Grade Families

Feb. 18, 2021


Children don’t come with instructions on how to care for them and develop their growth. Community-Based Education in Nurturing Parenting is a series of 10 independent workshops designed to help parents learn the basics of raising healthy, caring children and the importance in making time to nurture themselves. “The Philosophy and Practices of Nurturing Parenting” describes nurturing parenting principles and helps parents realize their ability to impact a child’s emotional development by being a nurturing parent. Nurturing Parenting is a proven approach for helping families by promoting empathy, discipline with dignity, self-worth and empowerment. Register here:


Virtual Learning 2.0: Canvas & Webex Overview (Offered in English & Spanish)

Target Audience: All Families

Feb. 25, 2021


There are key programs necessary for student success whether in the classroom or during virtual learning days. This workshop will provide parents and caregivers with tips and tools to help ensure children are able to complete required assignments, check grades, and support their students as they participate in virtual learning lessons. Register here:


Aprendizaje virtual 2.0: descripción general de Canvas y Webex Público

Objetivo: Todas las Familias

 25 de Febrero de 2021


Hay programas claves necesarios para el éxito de los estudiantes, ya sea en el aula y también en los días de aprendizaje virtual. Este taller le brindará consejos y herramientas para ayudarlo a asegurarse de que su hijo pueda completar las tareas requeridas, verificar las calificaciones y apoyar a su estudiante mientras participa en lecciones de aprendizaje virtual. Traiga sus preguntas para que tenga la oportunidad de recibir respuestas. Enlace de registro:


About Cumberland Family Academy 

Launched in 2020, Cumberland Family Academy provides families with the necessary academic tools to support the success of their children’s education and brings schools, parents/guardians, families, and community organizations together as equal partners. Find the entire Spring 2021 Schedule here.