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GCHS Athletic Booster Club Recognizes Our Fall/Winter Athletes

While there are many restrictions on this year’s athletic programs, the GCHS ABC is determined to recognize our student athletes’ achievements in the best way we can.  These programs have been vital in providing some sense of normalcy and a forum for social interaction.  Thank you to our coaches and Mr. Lindsey for their support and dedication in making this season possible! 

The Athletic Booster Club typically hosts an in-person banquet for each season of sports:  fall, winter, and spring.  Even though we cannot gather at this time, it is still important for our students' peers to share in their accomplishments.  As an alternative way to celebrate, the ABC has created a slideshow to highlight each team's season!  In addition to recognizing our athletes, we hope to allow the entire bear community to experience the games they may have missed.  The ABC would like to give a big shout-out to Coach Rhoda for assembling the slideshows!  Stay tuned for more recognitions in the coming weeks.

Links to the presentations are below:

Varsity Volleyball


Boy's Varsity Basketball

Girl's Varsity Basketball

Cross Country