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Fall Semester End of Course (EOC) and CTE Post-Assessments March 8-11

Two students working on laptops in Media Center
End of Course (EOC) and CTE Post-Assessments will be administered from the Fall semester the week of March 8-11, 2021.  You will receive an email from your 1st semester teacher as a reminder next week and you will receive additional information next week about bus information as well as review sessions for testing.  All students will need to be on campus NO LATER than 8:30 AM the day of testing.  The testing schedule will follow your 1st semester schedule. You will have your temperature taken upon arrival, and a mask must be worn at all times on campus.  You may bring a water bottle with you.  If you are taking a Math 1 or Math 3 EOC, you will enter the building at the far door past the weight room (last door before the building ends).  If you are taking a Biology EOC, you will enter the freshman locker bay doors out front near the auditorium.  If you are taking an English 2 exam, you will enter the right side front entrance.  If you are taking a CTE exam, you will enter the left side front entrance.  All doors will be marked and labeled.  More information will be sent out next week.

1st period class - Test is Monday March 8, 2021

2nd period class - Test is Tuesday March 9, 2021

3rd period class - Test is Wednesday March 10, 2021

4th period class - Test is Thursday March 11, 2021

Please email your 1st semester teacher if you have any questions regarding the exam.  The exam is worth 20% of your final grade.