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Yearbook Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know everyone is confused about how yearbooks are going to work this year. We've received tons of questions and thought a group of FAQs will help give you the answers. See below and if you have any more questions, please email Mr. Mayo at


Frequently Asks Questions for the Yearbook


1. How is the yearbook going to be or look this year?

Answer: Normally, our yearbook is based on content, but this year is going to be a chronological approach based on the seasons. It’s going to make for an extremely creative book!


2. How much does the yearbook cost? 

Answer: The yearbook will be the same price of $75, our yearbook will still include the same number of pages from years past (sadly, not as big as last year’s) and will be full of pictures.


3. Why would I want to be in the yearbook when I can’t even be in school?

Answer: While we may not have been in the building, we have still had school. We still have memories from this year, including many positive ones. It’s great to look back at the positives and look towards the future.


4. Is it worth buying?

Answer: Yes of course!! The yearbook is no doubt very different from previous years but if anything it’s still just as good. It has a bit more personal touch to it this year.


5. How can I get my Senior Make-up Portrait?

Answer: We are currently trying to get Lifetouch/Prestige to come to the school for make-up pictures. We will let everyone know and email students once we find out.


6. How are underclassmen portraits going to be done?

Answer: We currently have a few plans in mind but won’t know for sure until we find out more information about school buildings re-opening.

Option A- Students will take portraits within the first few weeks of being back at the school.

Option B- The alternative to that is we have students send fun, appropriate selfies to make portraits extra creative this year.


7. Are there sports pictures?

Answer: Yes! Our photographers and Mr. Mayo are working hard to get pictures of our athletes in action. If you have any athletic pictures you’d like to submit to the yearbook, look to number 9.


8. How do I get in the yearbook? 

Answer: Give us pictures! See number 9.


9. Can I help by sending in pictures? Where can I send them?

Answer:We are still accepting pictures for nearly everything. Go to the to submit or email photos to Mr. Mayo @


10. How can I keep receiving information about the yearbook?

Answer: Check the announcements slides that some teachers put in their Canvas pages. Check the school website Sign up at our Google Classroom for seniors at 6fyjhhh or for everyone else at vvp5cst.


11. Can seniors still submit quotes and baby pictures?

Answer: Yes, for now. The official deadline will be updated in the Google Classroom. The link to the form is posted there. Please submit as soon as possible.


12. When is the deadline for sending pictures?

Answer: It depends on the pictures. We’ll post in the Google Classroom each deadline as they come up or change.


13. When are we getting yearbooks?

Answer: In order to ensure we have all of the year covered and get as much content as possible, we’re doing a July distribution this year. Normally, our yearbooks come out in May right before school ends, but we technically finish it at the beginning of March. This gives us the time to finish it through May.


14. How will they be delivered to us?

Answer: Like last year, yearbooks will be distributed at the school with a drive-thru pick-up.


15. Can I get my senior a dedication ad?

Answer: Yes! You can go to you would like our own yearbook staff can also create one for you. Just contact or .A senior dedication Ad is an Ad that you can purchase to send your Senior off into the world. Whether you wanna congratulate them on all their hard work or just give them some great advice these ads are perfect for that. If you would like to purchase an Ad the prices and dimensions are:

1/8 - 50$ •4in by 2.5in

1/4 - 90$ •4in by 5in

1/2 - 175$ • 8in by 5in 

Full page - 300$ • 8in by 10.25 in