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Do You Need to Complete Enrollment or Other CCS Forms?

Parents, we are excited to let you know that CCS has made enrolling and filling out related forms  even easier. If you have more than one student, instead of filling out a separate form for each student, multiple questions can be answered for all students electronically at one time if their information is the same.

Please note, Ecollect forms are currently available for Year-Round, Early College high schools and Cumberland Polytechnic High School. Ecollect will be available to parents of students in the Traditional schools as well. 

Returning student registration can be accessed from your existing Parent Portal account in PowerSchool.

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms, a secure online form, saves you time! Built conveniently right within PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS), it makes it easier than ever before for you to access and complete these annual forms within the PowerSchool Parent Portal. 

Don’t have a Parent Portal account? Please contact your child’s school to receive a Parent Portal letter in order to set up an account. This is a required step before you can access the PowerSchool Ecollect Forms. You will also have access to review grades, attendance, and state test scores in a timely manner online.

While these forms can be completed by hand, the Ecollect process in the PowerSchool Parent Portal offers an opportunity to complete and easily update them immediately online.