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School Uniform Information

Dress Code

The Cumberland County Board of Education Policy Committee approved Montclair Elementary School to have a Uniform Dress Code. 

Polo/Oxford Shirts: Shirts must be plain, solid colored red, white, or blue. They may be long or short-sleeved.

T-Shirts: Official school t-shirts may be worn.

Slacks or Shorts: Slacks/shorts must be solid-colored Khaki, navy, or black. Cargo pants or jeans are not permitted. “Sagging” of pants will not be permitted. Females may also wear capris, skorts, and jumpers. Shorts, skorts, and skirts must be fingertip or longer when the student’s arms and hands are extended down the leg. 

Sweaters: Sweaters must be solid colored red, white, or blue if worn the entire school day. They may be a pullover, cardigan, or vest style.

Sweatshirts: Sweatshirts must be solid colored, red, white, or blue if worn the entire school day. Montclair sweatshirts are acceptable.

Shoes:  It is recommended that students who are unable to tie shoe laces wear shoes with Velcro fasteners. Untied shoelaces present a safety hazard. Shoes must cover the foot completely (no open toes, open heels). For safety reasons, heels cannot be any higher than 1 inch.

Coats, Jackets or Hoodies: To be worn inside the building the entire school day, jackets and/or hoodies must be solid colored red, white or blue. All jackets/hoodies that are not within the dress code must be taken off while the student is inside any part of the building. Winter coats may be worn to and from school but will not be worn inside the school. Montclair hoodies are acceptable.

Headgear: Hats, caps, and/or distracting head attire may not be worn while at school. No scarves or bandanas.