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Is your laptop not working?

Broken Laptop

If your laptop gets broken or you lose or damage the powercord, bring both the laptop and the power cord to the school.  If the power cord is not returned with the laptop, there is a fine associated with it.  If the laptop is not working due to no fault of the student, there is no fine assessed.  If the student (or a pet) caused the damage, county will assess fines.

We know accidents happen, so we are making it easy to remit fines for damages to our technology. Once your Chromebook has been assessed for damage by the county, you will receive a letter.

Simply go to SchoolCashOnline and submit payment. A processing fee will be added.

Chromebook Repair: $50.00
Replacement Powercord: $25.00

If the Chromebook is irreparable, you will be charged the full replacement cost of $175.00

Possible Damages/Issues include:

Keyboard Damage
Markings/Stickers/Cosmetic Damages to Outside/Inside
Damaged Screen
Damaged/Lost/Stolen Charger
Stolen Device (police report required – one incident only)

Please help your children understand the necessity of caring for these devices. If you have any questions, please give us a call.