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Cumberland County Schools Opens Application Window for Opportunity Culture Initiative

Cumberland County Schools (CCS) has provided another career pathway for teachers who are ready to take the next step in their careers without leaving the classroom. 
Beginning in fall 2021, 12 schools in CCS will launch their Opportunity Culture plans. As part of a growing national Opportunity Culture movement to reach all students with excellent teaching and to help students close achievement gaps and leap ahead, the district has opened the application process for Opportunity Culture positions throughout the district. These roles enable schools to reach every student with excellent teachers and their teams while paying teachers more for their extra responsibilities and helping all educators improve on the job and work collaboratively.
"It is an exciting time for our district as we move forward with our Opportunity Culture initiative," said Ruben Reyes, the district's associate superintendent for Human Resources. "We are looking for top-notch teachers with a track record of high-growth student learning and outstanding paraprofessionals who are ready to take on more instructional duties."
Teams of teachers and administrators in CCS have spent the current school year planning for implementation and choosing how to use the following roles to best fit the needs of their schools:
  • Multi-Classroom Leader: This role is the cornerstone of an Opportunity Culture. A multi-classroom leader, or MCL, is a teacher with a track record of high-growth student learning who leads lesson planning, data analysis, and instructional changes for a small (four to six) teaching team. 
  • Team Reach Teacher/Master Team Reach Teacher: These are teachers on an MCL-led team that reaches more students; master team reach teachers reach even more students and may assist the MCL in leading a slightly larger team (six to eight). 
  • Reach Associates and Teacher Residents: Reach associates are advanced paraprofessionals/teacher assistants who support the team under the MCL's guidance. Residents also co-teach, learn student data analysis and get observation/feedback. 
The Opportunity Culture application pool is open. District staff will screen applicants for acceptance into the Opportunity Culture pool. Schools will select applicants from the pool who best fit their openings. Applications are due by March 19, 2021. For more information and to access applications for Opportunity Culture roles, visit