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Dress Code for 2022-2023

As has been previously announced, all schools in Cumberland County Schools that were previously uniform schools will be returning to these dress codes beginning with the 2022-2023 school year. Massey Hill Classical High School has worked to refine our uniform dress code to a more current version that will hopefully provide more flexibility for families, as well as still providing the benefits of having a uniform dress code for students in the educational environment. We wanted to make you aware as soon as possible so you could make proper arrangements. You will find the specifics of the new dress code below. 

  • Bottoms can be Black, Navy, or Khaki. Jean material is approved, however blue jeans are not permitted. 
  • Tops must be White, Black, Navy or Green. The Green must be hunter or forest green. Students are permitted to wear either polo shirts or button downs. Students may also wear a school purchased MHCHS polo shirt. 
  • Leggings are permitted under skirts as long as the skirt passes the fingertip test. Leggings must be neutral solid color tights.
  • Shoes may be any color, however they must have a closed toe and closed heel. Slides and slippers are not permitted.
  • School hoodies are permitted for all students, however Senior hoodies may only be worn by Seniors. 
  • Blue jeans, Skittle shirts (purchased through MHCHS), Club shirts and Sports shirts/jerseys will be permitted on Friday's. The sports shirt/jersey must be from the students home school and the student must be a current member of the athletic team.   
  • Physical Education (PE) Uniforms: Green or Black shorts (must meet fingertip test) or sweatpants and a plain Gray t-shirt (no graphics)
  • All backpacks will need to stay in lockers. They will not be permitted in the classroom. 
  • School ordering information for MHCHS uniform items will be sent out as soon as possible and posted on the school website.