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Cumberland County Schools joins forces with Committed Community Partners for the ‘The Great Comeback’

Local businesses, community organizations and citizens are invited to join forces with Cumberland County Schools (CCS) to prepare for ‘The Great Comeback.’ As district leaders work collaboratively with community stakeholders in the aftermath of COVID-19, CCS is hosting its first-ever ‘Gathering of the Village’ event on Tuesday, June 15 at 8:30 a.m. The theme for the event is “Families, Educators, and Communities Collaborating for Student Success.” 
“The old African proverb is true – it takes a village to raise a child,” said Lindsay Whitley, the associate superintendent for Communications and Community Engagement. “Now more than ever before, it is important that we continue building strong partnerships with external stakeholders throughout the county. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has thrown our way, our village has remained steadfast in supporting the needs of CCS students. This event will shine a spotlight on some of the pressing needs in our schools and help create new partnerships to ensure we 'come back' stronger than ever before.”
Priority four of the district’s Strategic Plan focuses on strengthening community, business, university, municipal and military partnerships. During this virtual event, participants will learn about needs in the school system and how they can become part of the solution. There are many ways for citizens, businesses and organizations to get involved and help build student success. From volunteering at schools to mentoring students, serving as a reading buddy and participating in the district’s adopt-a-school program, there are numerous opportunities to partner with schools in the district. 
Manny Scott will headline this event. An original Freedom Writer whose story is told in part in the 2007 hit movie, "Freedom Writers," Scott has energized almost two million leaders, educators, volunteers, and students worldwide with his authentic and inspiring messages of hope.
Because of COVID-19 restrictions, this event will be held virtually. To RSVP, visit: For questions, please contact the Office of Communications and Community Engagement at 910-678-2443 or email