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Reimagining the Cumberland Commitment.

Good Afternoon, Premier Professionals of Cumberland County Schools!


The district and Dr. Connelly are proud to announce that we have released the 2022 Annual Report to the Community and invite you to view this celebration of our hard work and commitment to our mission, vision and core values.


Over the past year, our district has focused on reigniting our students’ passion for learning, reimagining learning opportunities, refocusing on raising student achievement and restoring a sense of normalcy in the lives of our students and staff — we are Reimagining the Cumberland Commitment.


Despite all of the challenges we have faced over the past two years, we are making substantial progress in realizing the goals specified in our strategic plan. None of this progress would be possible without each and every one of you, our CCS employees.

Once again, we invite you to take a moment and view this celebration of you, your peers, your students and our committed community in the 2022 Annual Report to the Community, “Reimagining the Cumberland Commitment.” 

We thank you, our dedicated educators and staff, for your continued commitment to the success of every student.