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Fall Semester Testing March 8th-11th

Fall Semester Testing March 8th - 11th

The following classes will have state assessments the week of March 8-11 with a makeup day on March 12th.  We will administer exams as follows:  
March 8:  1st period exam
March 9:  2nd period exam
March 10:  3rd period exam
March 11:  4th period exam
The EOC courses that have exams are:  Biology, English II, Math I and Math III
The CTE courses that have exams are:  Sports Marketing 1, Public Safety, Foods 1 and 2, Accounting 1, Career Management, Law and Justice 1, Interior Design 1, Financial Planning 1, Principles of Business and Project Management 1.
If you took any of those courses in the first semester, you will need to report on the date/period you had that particular class.  Only students testing in one of those courses will be allowed on campus.  Please report to school by 7:45 or when your bus arrives in order to be screened and to receive your breakfast prior to going into your test site.  Staff members will have a list of test sites for your convenience each day.  Buses will run after testing has ended each day around 1:30-2:00 pm.  
Please email any questions or concerns to