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Superintendent’s Budget Recommendation Presented to Cumberland County Board of Education

April 9, 2024

Tonight, Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr., superintendent of Cumberland County Schools (CCS), presented his recommended budget for the 2024-2025 school year, titled 'We Are CCS: Achieving Educational Excellence for Every Student,' to the Cumberland County Board of Education.

Dr. Connelly emphasized the district's commitment to addressing the needs of low-performing schools and ensuring equity across all schools. He highlighted the strategic use of funds to support these efforts, including the prudent utilization of the district’s fund balance.

“As part of this recommended 2024-2025 budget, we have earmarked over $21 million from our fund balance to balance this budget, which includes funding for over 100 positions that were ESSER-funded and are imperative to our strategic plan implementation,” said Dr. Connelly. “While we are committed to being good stewards of the resources we have, relying on the fund balance as a long-term solution is not sustainable and creates a significant deficiency in future budget years.”

Dr. Connelly recommended that the Cumberland County Board of Education seek a $3.5 million increase in local funding from the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners, bringing the total allotment to slightly over $91 million. This funding primarily targets investing in educators with critical cost-of-living and anticipated legislative salary increases, covering inflationary operating expenses, enhancing educational programs, aligning with strategic priorities, addressing pay scales, and supporting needs at Tier 1 Performance, Accountability, Support, and Empowerment (PASE) schools designated as low-performing by the state.

“We are dedicated to maintaining the current level of services and ensuring sufficient resources for implementing our strategic plan,” Dr. Connelly added.

He acknowledged the collaborative efforts that have contributed to the progress and achievements of CCS. "We are proud to report significant accomplishments in Cumberland County Schools," said Dr. Connelly.

“We extend our sincere thanks to the County Commissioners for their ongoing support and partnership in advancing educational excellence in Cumberland County Schools,” said Dr. Connelly. “Together, we have made significant strides, and with continued collaboration, we can further enhance opportunities for every student.”

The Board of Education will review and consider the superintendent's budget recommendation at its upcoming regular meeting on May 7.

For more information about Dr. Connelly's recommended budget, visit CCS' Budget website.