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CCS Achieves Remarkable Milestone in Career and Technical Education

February 1, 2024

Cumberland County Schools (CCS) continues to make significant strides in equipping students with essential life skills through Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. The latest release of the 2022-2023 CTE Credential Attainment Report showcases an impressive achievement, solidifying CCS' position as the second-highest earner of credentials in the state, totaling 16,012.

These credentials confirm students' mastery of practical skills, making them highly attractive to both potential employers and colleges. This accomplishment underscores the tangible benefits of CTE in preparing students for success in the workforce and higher education.

Chip Lucas, CCS' Executive Director of Career and Technical Education, highlighted how these credentials align with the Cumberland Commitment: Strategic Plan 2026, emphasizing the preparation of confident, competitive graduates ready for careers, college and life. He stated, "These credentials are valuable for our students, helping them build resumes and practical skills for their future careers."

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, over 325,000 students statewide earned credentials through CTE programs during the 2022-23 academic year—a record-breaking figure not seen in the past 13 years. This impressive feat underscores the pivotal role CTE plays in preparing students for the ever-evolving demands of life.

February is CTE Month, a time dedicated to acknowledging the accomplishments of CTE partners at all levels for their role in preparing students for success in college and careers. For more information about the district's CTE program and its ongoing success in equipping students with essential life skills, visit: