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CCS Celebrates Excellence in Arts Education with State-Level Accolades

November 17, 2023

Cumberland County Schools (CCS) is thrilled to showcase the wonderful successes in its arts programs, earning state-level accolades that highlight the district's dedication to bringing students' artistic dreams to life.

Richard Butler Jr., the choral music director at Jack Britt High School, has been named North Carolina's High School Choral Director of the Year. This prestigious award, presented at the High School Honors Chorus Concert on November 5, acknowledges Butler's exemplary contributions and the distinction of the choral program he leads.

In addition to Butler’s accolade, Scott Pope, principal of Jack Britt High School, has been recognized as the North Carolina Music Educators Association (NCMEA) Administrator of the Year, receiving the 2023 Honor Administrator Award. Awarded at the NCMEA conference on November 6, this honor celebrates his exceptional support and advocacy for music and the arts at his school. Pope's vision and leadership have not only enriched the school’s culture but have also elevated the arts education program to statewide recognition.

The artistic talent of CCS was further showcased by seven elementary students who received honorable mention awards at the recent North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA) conference, an event that also featured an impressive performance by a CCS orchestra group.

"These recognitions are not just awards; they are a reflection of the vibrant culture of artistic expression and support within CCS," said Carla Crenshaw, director of CCS' Arts Education. "Our educators are not merely teaching the arts; they are igniting a passion for creativity that is recognized across North Carolina."

These achievements underscore the district's commitment to providing a rich and diverse arts education. As a leader in educational choice, CCS offers world-class Choice Programs that cater to the varied needs and interests of students, ensuring that each child can find their unique path to success.

The community is warmly invited to the Choice Fair from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at E.E. Smith High School, located at 1800 Seabrook Rd., Fayetteville. The fair will showcase the extensive programs available across the district, including those in the arts that have contributed to the remarkable achievements of our students and educators.