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Superintendent's CommUNITY Chat Draws Committed, Collaborative Stakeholders

September 18, 2023

More than 280 students, staff and community members showed up at E.E. Smith High School (EESHS) throughout the day for the opportunity to chat with Cumberland County Schools (CCS) Superintendent Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr.

Presented by Cumberland Family Academy, the platform for dialogue took place on the campus of EESHS and was the district's first of 10 Committed CommUNITY Chats with Dr. Connelly. The one- to two-hour Chats, which are inspired by the successful CLC3 Tour hosted by Dr. Connelly upon his arrival in 2018, are scheduled to take place in each attendance area on Mondays through December 11. 

During his visit to 'Golden Bull Country,' Dr. Connelly met with about 90 staff members from the 11 schools within the E.E. Smith Attendance Area. Many of them voiced concerns and asked questions related to the district budget, infrastructure improvements, Beginning Teacher pay and the need to vote for elected officials who support public education. 

Immediately afterward, Dr. Connelly met in a classroom with 31 students from E.E. Smith High and the Superintendent's Student Voices, made up of students from across Cumberland County, about things at their schools that are going well and what they feel can be improved.

In the evening, families primarily from the E.E. Smith Attendance Area 'showed up' to dialogue with the superintendent about the Cumberland Commitment: Strategic Plan 2026 and to discuss the numerous opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 

Students' families and the public at-large who missed tonight's Committed CommUNITY Chat with Dr. Connelly can still attend one of the nine remaining sessions. For the Chat schedule and locations, visit the CCS Website.

About Cumberland Family Academy:
Cumberland Family Academy (CFA) provides FREE workshops and educational events for the families of Cumberland County Schools (CCS). As part of its strategic plan, CCS launched CFA during the 2020-21 school year. From research, we understand that students achieve more when families are involved in their education. The purpose of the CFA program is to provide families with tools to support the success of their children’s education and to bring schools, parents/guardians, families, and community organizations together as equal partners. For more information on CFA, visit


Glimpses from the CommUNITY Chats with Dr. Connelly

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