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2022-2023 Governor’s School Selection Announced

December 20, 2022  

Congratulations to this year's nominees for the North Carolina Governor’s School.

● 33 Academic Nominees (selections made by the CCS Governor’s School Selection Committee)
● 16 Arts Nominees (selections made at the local school level)

These students will compete for state selection to attend the prestigious summer residential program for gifted high school students. The program is administered by the Public Schools of North Carolina, the State Board of Education, and the Department of Public Instruction through The Office of Advanced Learning and Gifted Education. All nominees will receive notification of selections and non-selections in March 2023.

Cumberland Academy 6-12 Virtual
Anna Gathright: English

Cross Creek Early College
Christopher Addaman: Natural Science
Donniela Strange: English
Kristina Nguyen: Visual Arts
Kyneiq Stallings: Garner Visual Arts
Mariah Fernandez: Social Science
Niyani Owens-Mosely: Natural Science
Talon Alexander: Natural Science

Cape Fear High
Alexis Martin: Instrumental Music
Arora Mullin: Social Science
Joshua Pirro: Instrumental Music
Lailyn Evans: Social Science
Lydia Dennison: English
Sierra Noel: Social Science

Cumberland International Early College
Emily Sacquety: Natural Science
Keren Asare: Natural Science

Cumberland Polytechnic Early College
Gwendolyn Carson: Natural Science
Kristen Hurtado: Visual Arts
Sierra Neuhauser: Social Science

E.E. Smith High School
Kenneth Williams: Natural Science
Saniya Bostick: Natural Science

Gray's Creek High
Alexia Robinson: Natural Science

Jack Britt High
Gabriel Cruz: Mathematics
Hailey Johnson: Dance
Israel Mattocks: Instrumental Music
Jadyn Byrd: Natural Science
James Bartlinsk: Natural Science
Jayson Snoddy: Mathematics
Joanna Lin: Visual Arts
Nirvaan Chapatwala: Natural Science
Olivia Haynes: Social Science
Raina Nazir: Natural Science
Se Park: Mathematics
Selah Apollo: Choral Music
Sree Damuluri: Mathematics

Massey Hill Classical High
Joseph Cole: Social Science
Stella Martyak: Natural Science

Pine Forest High
Emma DeNoble: Natural Science
James Alfaro: Instrumental Music
Kevin Lin: Natural Science
Milo Stauffer: English
Nicholas Win: Instrumental Music

Seventy-First High
Daniela Arevalo-Reyes: Natural Science

South View High
Hannah Olivera: Instrumental Music
Morgan Carpenter: Dance
Morgan Ward: Visual Arts

Terry Sanford High
Anna Ly: Visual Arts
Lauren Zuravel: Social Science
Madison Culbreth: Instrumental Music