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230 Seniors Graduate Confident, Competitive and Life-Ready (Day 1)

Cumberland County Schools (CCS) is proud to announce that 230 seniors received their diplomas during four graduation ceremonies on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

Faculty, staff and students from Massey Hill Classical (MHCHS), Cumberland International Early College (CIECHS), Cumberland Polytechnic (CPHS), and Cross Creek Early College (CCECHS) and their guests gathered in the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC. Together, they celebrated these confident, competitive and life-ready seniors’ achievements.

MHCHS’ Senior Class president, Andrew Forbes, addressed fellow graduates with a message of confidence during the first ceremony of the day. Forbes said, “Whether we find ourselves in college, the military, straight into the workforce, or anything else, the graduates in front of and behind me today will go on to do truly astonishing things because of our collective strength and resolve.”

Arianna Herring, CIECHS’ Student Government Association president, called upon her peers. She urged, “To the class of 2022, don’t let the obstacles of life define who you are, let it strengthen you for who you want to be.”

CPHS salutatorian Katelyn Barr made a powerful statement of self-reliance and hope, stating, “All we can do is try our best. We must believe ourselves capable of accomplishments, of success, even when others do not. We will never be able to control the world or others’ expectations but we can control ourselves.”

Rounding out the inspirational tone for the day, CCECHS’s co-salutatorian, Josue Fernandez, said, “We are certainly well equipped to handle what comes next. So let’s get set to forge ourselves a promising future. It won’t be easy, but I know each and every one of you has what it takes.”

Special moments from each ceremony were captured. Visit the district’s Facebook page to see the most up-to-date pictures. School-specific albums will be updated after each ceremony and can be accessed by visiting the following links:
All ceremonies will be live-streamed via To view CCS’ full Graduation 2022 schedule and other highlights, visit

Wow! Did You Know?
  • CPHS’ 2022 Graduating Class received 39 associate degrees and even more certificates before receiving their high school diplomas.
  • CCECHS senior Jordan Moyd received the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program scholarship.
  • CCECHS’ 2022 Standout Senior, Jefferson Skinner, is an Eagle Scout and won an academic scholarship of $25,088 to Brigham Young University.
  • Four of the graduates who walked across the stage on May 26 were accepted into the NC Governor’s School during their high school years.
  • MHCHS’ 2022 Standout Senior, Gavin Lawrence, was selected to receive the Penn State University Kenneth and Andrea Frazier Liberal Arts Scholarship and to the Defense Commissary Agency Scholars program.
  • CPHS’ 2022 Standout Senior, Luis Mancilla-Vazquez, is the first Hispanic male to graduate from CPHS with an associate degree in Engineering from Fayetteville Technical Community College.
  • CCECHS’s Jordan Moyd, CIECHS’ Savannah Powell and CPHS’ Katelyn Barr won the State Employees Credit Union People Help People Award.
  • CIECHS’ 2022 Standout Senior, Arianna Herring, was awarded a full-ride scholarship to Fayetteville State University, a merit scholarship of $98,000 to Campbell University, and a merit scholarship of $118,000 to Methodist University.

Words from the Valedictorians

MHCHS ValedictorianMHCHS Valedictorian
Alysha Blake
“I ask my fellow graduates: what is success to you, and have you achieved it? Your definition of success may be different than mine, and your goals and aspirations are probably different as well. But, at the end of the day, as long as we continue to strive for our definition of success, regardless of society's views, I think we’ll be okay.”

Mariah ManleyCIECHS Valedictorian
Mariah Manley
“Through applying yourselves, you have all gained moments that have become lessons. We are true ambassadors. We have promoted the importance of education through our perseverance, resilience and excellence in and out of the classroom.”

CPHS ValCPHS Valedictorian
Jasmine Jean-Baptiste
“High school is simply the foundation on which we will build the rest of our lives. There is so much left for us to do, to build. No matter what path you all decide to take, whether it be college, armed forces, or the workforce, work hard and dream big.”


CCECHS ValedictorianCCECHS Valedictorian
Isatou Kah
"As we embark upon the next chapter of our lives, I challenge you to continue your journey of ‘becoming.’ Become your best selves. Become the entrepreneur that you want to be. Become that college graduate. Become that medical doctor. Become the President of the United States. Best of all, become the child that your parents can’t resist.”

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