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Local School Board, County Commissioners and Legislative Delegation Discuss Pressing Priorities

On Monday morning, the Cumberland County Board of Education met with the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners and the Cumberland County State Legislative Delegation at a special meeting to discuss the legislative priorities of the school system and the county. The meeting was held at the Department of Social Services in Fayetteville. 

During the meeting, Board members and Cumberland County Schools (CCS) staff requested that the General Assembly provide additional funding to: 

  1. reduce the impact on local budgets with respect to the 2022-2023 change in mandated minimum pay to $15/hour, 
  2. address salary compression among classified employee compensation schedules, and
  3. fully fund the mandated $15/hour minimum for all state employees.  
District leaders also made a request to legislators to revise the funding formula utilized to distribute the Supplemental Funds for Teacher Compensation to ensure that the disbursement of funds is equitable.

The request was part of the district's overall $699 million proposed district budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, which the Board approved at its May 10 monthly meeting. Many of the legislative priorities, along with the Board’s 2022-2023 proposed budget, focuses on investing in the district’s 6,000-plus employees and implementing critical cost-of-living and supplement increases.

In response to feedback from state legislators in attendance, district officials will submit a recommended revision to the State's formula for Supplemental Funds for Teachers Compensation to ensure that the disbursement of funds is equitable. District officials will also submit information regarding the military's impact on the school district and dollars associated with military-connected students.

Learn more about the Board’s legislative priorities here. For additional information about the joint meeting, visit the county’s website.