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Cumberland County Board of Education Adopts and Approves 2022 Legislative Agenda Items

During the Cumberland County Board of Education’s (Board) regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 10, the Board adopted and endorsed the North Carolina School Boards Association’s (NCSBA) 2022 Legislative Agenda items and additional items of particular local importance as recommended by the Board’s Legislative Committee.
1. COVID-19
a) Waivers and additional flexibilities to face the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic;
b) Addressing student enrollment uncertainty; and
c) Securing additional appropriations for internet connectivity, computer devices and mental health support personnel.

2. Pandemic Learning Loss
a) Allowing districts the ability to extend the current and upcoming school years; and
b) Consideration for funding additional supports such as intensive tutoring and targeted summer programs.

3. Virtual Instruction
a) Allowing local school boards to continue providing virtual learning options.
4. Accountability
a) Reassessing the current formula for school grades.
1. Additional Funding for Classified Employee Compensation
a) Addressing the 2022-2023 legislative change in mandated minimum pay, salary compression and funding for the state-mandated $15/hour minimum for all school system employees.

2. FTE Definition
a) Ensuring that any new definition of FTE (full-time-equivalency) for K-12 does not decrease funding for either North Carolina public schools or colleges, or reduce higher education opportunities for high school students.

3. Gray’s Creek Water Extension
a) Extending safe drinking water to the Gray’s Creek area of Cumberland County, including Alderman and Gray’s Creek Elementary Schools, in response to the presence of the Gen-X chemical.
To view documents, attachments, and presentations from the Board meeting, visit the BoardDocs site, which may be accessed through the Cumberland County Schools website