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"A Season of Unity" Showcases the Talents of Cumberland County Schools Students

Cumberland County Schools (CCS) is proud to announce the winning entries from the 2021 Holiday Greeting Card Competition. Principals and Visual Arts teachers from all CCS attendance areas worked together to encourage students at their schools to create original artworks to represent the contest theme, A Season of Unity.

Students from elementary, middle and high schools in the 10 attendance areas of CCS submitted their entries to their respective schools. The principals and Visual Arts teachers selected two pieces of art to submit for the competition. A panel of judges then selected first, second and third place winners for each attendance area.

Pine Forest Attendance Area:
First-Place: Jalani McBryde (Pine Forest Middle) – Untitled
Second-Place: Lorna Glenney (Pine Forest Middle) – Untitled
Third-Place: Jocelyn Croker (Spring Lake Middle) – Untitled

Seventy-First Attendance Area:
First-Place: Grace Guerarra (Seventy- First High) - Tis The Season Of Unity
Second-Place: Luis Perez-Riva (Loyd E. Auman Elementary) - Better Together
Third-Place: Averie Gill (Loyd E. Auman Elementary) - The Present That Keeps On Giving

Jack Britt Attendance Area:
First-Place: Dakota Ryan (Jack Britt High School) - Season Of Togetherness
Second-Place (tied): Angeline Ham (Jack Britt High School) - A Season Of Unity
Third-Place: Maxine Verzola (New Century Elementary) - A World Of Peace

South View Attendance Area:
First-Place: Destiny Davis (Rockfish Elementary) - What The World Needs Now
Second-Place: Liam Anavisca (Rockfish Elementary) - Lend A Helping Hand

Douglas Byrd Attendance Area:
First-Place: Joslyn LaCosse (Massey Hill Classical High) - A Purr-Fect Holiday
Second-Place: Josephine Elauria (Douglas Byrd High) - Streets
Third-Place: Banjamin Miti (Douglas Byrd High) - Downtown Fayetteville

Cape Fear Attendance Area:
First-Place: Shayla Jackson (Cape Fear High) - During the Holidays, Let’s Come Together and Be One
Second Place: Maddie Lee (Stedman Elementary) - Four Snowpeople
Third Place: Sarah Nichols (Stedman Elementary) - Four Snowpeople

Gray’s Creek Attendance Area:
First-Place: Cadence Grant (Alderman Road Elementary) - Kindness Warms the Heart
Second-Place: Olivia Thompson (Gray’s Creek High) - Together
Third-Place: Reagan Jernigan (Alderman Road Elementary) - Season of Giving

Westover Attendance Area:
First-Place: Y’Janae Jackson (Ben Martin Elementary) - Unity through Celebrations
Second-Place: Felicity Cox (Westover High) - Tis the Season
Third-Place: Alicia Henderson (Westover High) - Friends

Terry Sanford Attendance Area:
First-Place: Anna Milewicz (Terry Sanford High) - It’s the Season of Love
Second-Place: Nyvea Tatum (Terry Sanford High) - Coming Together
Third-Place: Naomi Harper (Ashley Elementary) - Coming Together

E. E. Smith Attendance Area:
First-Place: Omarys Rosario (Luther Nick Jeralds Middle) - United Together
Second-Place: Aleyna Kose (Westarea Elementary) - Season of Unity
Second-Place: Natalie Burgos (Reid Ross Classical High) - Extending An Olive Branch
Third-Place: Ashley Burden (Reid Ross Classical High) - A Pie to Give

All participating students will receive a Certificate of Participation. First, second, and third place winners will receive a Certificate of Award. The first-place winning artwork for each attendance area will be used to create CCS’ 2021-2022 Holiday Greeting Cards.

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