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Wellness Friday (November 12)

In preparing for the Great Comeback and beginning the school year after nearly a year of remote learning, Cumberland County Schools' (CCS) premier professionals have been working extremely hard to
serve its students.
"We remain excited about the Great Comeback and seeing our students participate in face-to-face learning opportunities," said CCS Superintendent Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr., during tonight's Cumberland County Board of Education meeting. "However, we cannot ignore the weight of responsibility and challenges that have consumed our employees as they have responded to positive COVID-19 cases, shifted to virtual learning as needed, covered classes when teachers were quarantined, deep-cleaned classrooms and covered bus routes when there have been shortages. And the list goes on."
Dr. Connelly announced that Friday, November 12 will be converted to a Wellness Friday. He noted that after reviewing the academic calendar and the remaining instructional hours for students, the day will become a non-instructional day for students and a day of reflection for all CCS employees.
On Wednesday, November 10, the district will close all CCS facilities at the end of the school day, following the conclusion of any previously scheduled essential activities, and designate that all employees observe the Veterans Day holiday on Thursday, November 11 and work remotely on Friday, November 12. However, athletic events and practices and extracurricular activities will operate on a normal schedule. In alignment with the Veterans Day holiday, the calendar adjustment will accommodate military families throughout the district that have planned for an extended holiday.
Dr. Connelly said the sole telework assignment for November 12 is for employees to engage in the process of reflective practice by thinking about the beginning of the school year – what worked well and what could have been done differently? How will we have a strong finish to the first semester?
"During this time of reflective practice, we're asking all employees to refrain from sending emails and truly focus on reflecting and on continuous improvement as we strive for a strong finish to this first semester of the Great Comeback," said Dr. Connelly. "In the words of Dr. Stephen Covey, we will be 'sharpening our saws' and using this opportunity to reflect and recharge."