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Virtual Beginners’ Day for Kindergarten Registration

What is Beginners Day? When will it take place in CCS?

Beginners’ Day is a special day that upcoming Kindergarten students can be introduced to their new school environment. Virtual Beginners Day will be held on April 30, 2021. Each school will create a Web-Ex Link for families to access for the virtual experience.

What are some of the programs that are available for CCS students that begin as early as Kindergarten?

Cumberland County Schools is proud to offer a variety of Choice Programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students. Choice Programs are uniquely themed concepts implemented at select schools throughout the district. You can exercise your power of choice within CCS by learning more about the Choice Programs available to students and select a program that best matches your child's interests and future goals. At the elementary level, we have the following: Immersion, World Language, Montessori, A+ (Arts and Academics), Year Round, our newly added Virtual Academy.  Please know that further details regarding the application process for our Choice Programs are outlined and detailed on our website for the Choice Program. At each school, the Discovery Program recognizes and nurtures young children who demonstrate the potential for exceptional academic performance in kindergarten. 

What are some of the key differences between a Kindergarten class and students remaining in a Daycare setting?

A kindergarten class is part of an elementary school and operates on the school’s schedule.  Kindergarten students are taught the kindergarten standards from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study by a certified teacher who meets the state teaching licensure requirements. One of the biggest differences between a kindergarten class and a daycare setting is that our kindergarten students will experience a full curriculum packed day to include whole group and small group instruction in the areas of reading and math as well as science, social studies, recess and cultural arts. There is no built-in nap time for our kindergarten students. 

What is the process for families to participate in Beginners Day?

Families are asked to contact your child’s school from their assigned attendance area or visit the school website for details regarding Virtual Beginners’ Day. Each school will have a designated link for families to access with the times for this event. A recording of the event will also be available after the event has concluded.  

When does Kindergarten registration kick off in Cumberland County Schools and what are the enrollment requirements (e.g., age/birthdate requirement)?

Virtual Beginners Day will be held on April 30, 2021. On-Line registration will begin May 17, 2021. Families are not able to register before April 30.

The following documentation is required for registration: 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Parent/Custodian Address
  • Shot Record
  • North Carolina Health Assessment Form

Your child must be 5 on or before August 31, 2021. Schools have access to Online Registration Videos that will be available and cover the following topics: