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Brainfuse is available for all CCS Students!

In an effort to provide extra help and support to students and families, we want to provide every opportunity possible for students to receive additional enrichment. During the pandemic, students had Brainfuse, an online tutorial service,  as an additional resource for support. We have continued the availability of Brainfuse this year.

To enhance the ease of usage we are incorporating  Brainfuse into the Canvas platform providing ease of access for students. 

Students from grades K-12 will have 24/7 access to live tutoring services to provide support for reading, math, science, and more at no cost to them or the school. Students can chat with a live, on-demand tutor providing support, testing preparation, homework help, etc. This platform uses a real-time chat feature and an online classroom. Please let families know this is available to both students and parents as a free resource. 

To see how it works, click the provided link: Live Online Tutoring Demo