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ECES Dress Code Policy

Students’ dress contributes to the school atmosphere.  Students are earnestly advised to dress with good taste and, in so, they will be contributing to the general pride of the school. The administration has the discretion in making judgments relating to the appropriateness of dress to include jewelry.  Students are expected to adhere to the dress code to support a positive learning environment. Parents are asked to use good judgment as they allow their children to dress for school.  The following is a dress code that we feel will maintain an atmosphere of comfort and learning. Parents will be contacted if there is a concern with a student’s attire and will be responsible for providing the appropriate article of clothing to be in compliance.

All Cumberland County Schools will make any necessary religious accommodations for any type of headgear or head coverings otherwise restricted or prohibited under existing individual school dress codes. 


Students are required to wear white, light blue, black, navy, or orange shirts. All shirts must have a collar. T-shirts, of any kind, are not permitted. Students may wear a turtle neck or long-sleeved shirt under a collared uniform shirt.

Students are required to wear navy, black or khaki pants. Students may wear knee-length shorts, knee-length skirts or skorts, and knee-length jumpers. Students may not wear jeans, leggings or jeggings, or sweatpants to school. Students may not wear leggings and undershorts. All shorts must be knee-length. 
Pants must not have holes, rips, or tears. Students must wear belts if their pants/shorts/skirts have belt loops.

Students are required to wear tennis shoes. Sandals, sling-back Crocs, and open-toe shoes are not allowed on campus. Students may NOT wear shoes with wheels. All students are required to wear socks to school every day.

Students may wear any solid-colored sweaters, sweatshirts, and over-shirts while in the building. Sweaters, sweatshirts, and over-shirts must be free of print and emblems. Students may not wear their hoodies or hats on their heads while in the building. Students may wear any type of outdoor coat to and from school, as well as at recess. 
ALL clothing must be solid khaki, white, navy, black, light blue, or orange.


CCS Dress Code Policy:

No undergarments should be visible at any time. 
Clothing should not cause a disruption to the educational environment. 
Students may not wear or carry clothing, jewelry, book bags, or other personal articles that depict or display profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, nudity of any degree, violence, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, controlled substances, firearms, or any illegal activity, or which advertise products or services illegal to minors. 
Any symbols, styles, or attire frequently associated with gangs, intimidation, or violence that are disruptive to the educational environment are prohibited. 
Adornments or accessories, such as chains or spikes that could reasonably be perceived to be a weapon or could be utilized as a weapon are prohibited. 
Head coverings (including hats, hoods, sweatbands, and bandanas) are generally prohibited in school buildings. However, students may wear head coverings in the school building as an expression of sincerely held religious belief or cultural expression or to reasonably accommodate medical or disability-related issues. 

21/22 Dress Code Policy