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Student Chromebook Technical Support

If you are experiencing technical issues with school issued Chromebooks, please call the CCS Technology Help Desk at 910-678-2618. If there is no answer, wait a few minutes and try the call again. The Help Desk is experiencing high call volume. Help Desk technicians can walk you through most issues that are occurring.


If the Help Desk refers you back to the school, please call 910-424-0145. One of our office staff members will receive the call and we will all work toward a troubleshooting resolution. If it is determined that the device needs to be exchanged, an appointment will be set for you to report to the school.


Please do not visit the school building at this time without a preset, principal approved appointment. We are currently working through a district issued post holiday quarantine period where no one is working on the school campus.


Thank you for all you are doing to help facilitate remote learning with your child! We appreciate you all!