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Yearbooks For 2020-2021

The 2021 SVHS yearbook is on sale now. All students will need to order their yearbook online.  Our Yearbook will include an expanded section of Senior Portraits, Senior Superlatives, Senior Highlights, and Outstanding Seniors - as well as coverage of virtual classes, all sports, and more.


Families have the option to buy yearbooks separately online through the yearbook company or included in their senior dues on school cash online.


This year we are asking seniors and families to submit some of their favorite pictures of themselves and their friends. You can submit photos via or you can email them directly to the Yearbook Advisor Ms. Kate Stepp.


Additionally, The extended deadline to have your SENIOR PORTRAIT taken by Prestige Portraits is March 1st, 2021. Please call the studio to schedule your senior portrait photo.


For more Information on Ordering Yearbooks, Photo Submissions, Senior Portraits, and & Senior Quotes, please visit the HOMEPAGE of the Senior Canvas Site.