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JGMS 2022-2023 Dress Code

2022-2023 John Griffin Middle School Student Dress Code:

School dress contributes to the school atmosphere. Clean, neat, appropriately dressed students advertise the fact that they respect themselves in a way designed to win respect from others. Students are advised to dress with good taste, in doing so, contributes to
the general pride of the school.

John Griffin Middle School does not require a school uniform.

1. No inappropriate signs, emblems, or language on clothing is allowed.
2. Nothing will be worn that will be offensive to any race, religion, or gender, or which displays profanity in any form.
3. Head coverings or headgear worn for a religious purpose are allowed.
4. No undergarments should be visible at any time. Appropriate undergarments must be worn at all times.
5. No dresses, skirts, or shorts (to include PE shorts) no higher than mid-thigh all around. This includes the underlining of clothing such as high/low or double-layer dresses/skirts.
6. No pants, skirts, or dresses with holes, slits, or frayed or shredded areas above mid- thigh are permitted.
7. No sagging pants allowed. Sagging will be defined as; pants low enough to allow whatever is under the pants, regardless of how many layers exist, to be visible.
8. No clothing that shows the body’s mid-section/ torso or cleavage is allowed.
9. No bedroom attire or bedroom shoes/ slippers may be worn at any time.
10. Hats, toboggans, sweatbands, bandannas, do-rags, or other head coverings are not permitted to be worn or attached/hanging from an article of clothing or other personal belongings. All head coverings must be kept in the locker for the entire school day.
11. Coats must be placed in lockers upon arrival at school. Hoodies (with the hood down), sweaters, and lightweight jackets are permissible to be worn inside the building.
12. No sunglasses (unless indoor wear is prescribed by a doctor) will be worn; including wearing them around the neck, on the head, face, or on an item of clothing.
13. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
14. No wallet chains or chains on clothing at any time.
15. No spikes on shoes, clothing, or accessories.
16. No cleated athletic-type shoes will be worn inside the building at any time.
17. Any clothing that is disruptive to the learning environment will not be permitted.

All Cumberland County Schools will make any necessary religious accommodations for any type of headgear or head coverings otherwise restricted or prohibited under existing individual school
dress codes.

No student shall be suspended out of school-based solely upon violation of an existing individual school dress code.

Noncompliance with the rules listed above may result in disciplinary action including placement in In-School Suspension.


CCS Waives School Uniform Requirements for 2022-2023 School Year:
Cumberland County Schools (CCS) will pause the enforcement of all CCS school uniform dress codes, districtwide, for the 2022-2023 school year. This pause is necessitated by supply chain and uniform availability issues that we have verified with major area retailers. Some stores said that it would likely be late September or October before they received sufficient inventory. Parents of children who attend uniform schools may continue to send their children to school in uniforms if they desire to do so and are able to locate them, but there will be no penalty imposed upon a student for a uniform violation during the 2022-2023 school year. However, the district’s student dress code policy will remain in place for all CCS students. Therefore, all students will be expected to wear school-appropriate attire, even if they opt not to wear school uniforms.