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Parent Digital Device Survey

Please complete the parent survey in the PowerSchool parent portal. For information on how to access the survey, go to the Quick Guide to Digital Device Survey.

The NC Digital Learning & Media Inventory (NCDLMI) collects data for state and national reporting, informs state and local budgets, and assists in planning state and local digital learning efforts.

Data from the DLMI is used in:

  • School Report Card (annually)  

  • Civil Rights Data Reporting

  • Digital Learning Dashboards required by Senate Bill 105 (annually beginning 2023)


Thank you for your participation in the parent survey.


Quick Guide to Accessing and Completing the Digital Device Survey


  1. Go to HomeBase and log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal.


  1. On the left side Navigation menu, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Digital Device Survey.” 



  1. This part of the survey is 10 questions about internet access and devices in the home. 


  1. The second part of the survey is a Home Internet Speed Test. You must use your home internet connection and the device that your student uses to do their schoolwork (CCS Chromebook).  If using a device that is connected through a cellular service or a device that is not in your home, please select NA.

  1. Click start.  Record the download and upload speeds, then click “submit.”