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Titan Musicians Continue to Excel

Our Titan band celebrates another recent success!  7th and 8th grade band students submitted audition videos for All-District Band.  The district we compete in encompasses our county and 17 other counties with over 100 schools.  A total of 16 talented Titans were selected for all-district band, the most in our school's history!  Five of our students placed so high that they are eligible to audition for All-State band in March.  We had the 2nd highest amount of students to make this prestigious band out of all 100+ participating schools!  Students achieving a place in All-District band are: 
Emma F. - Flute
Stephen H. - Clarinet (all state eligible)
Jaelyn M. - Clarinet (all state eligible)
James C. - Clarinet
Emily B. - Alto Sax 
Isaiah D. - Alto Sax
Anthony D. - Trumpet (all-state eligible)
Ryan B. - Trumpet
Leonar V-R. - Trumpet 
Gracie Y. - Trumpet
Samantha H. - Trombone (all-state eligible)
Nicole W. - Trombone 
Dylan J. - Baritone
DaKariyon S. - Tuba (1st chair all-state eligible)
Levi B. - Snare
Marlon G. - Snare
Please congratulate these students on this remarkable achievement!