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NCIMS Is Getting Back to Why!

With the ever-changing face of education, it’s important for those who work with students to remember our passion and purpose for what we do.   At New Century International Middle School, we believe it is equally important for our students and families to know what drives us to continue doing our best for them each and every day.  Helping those we serve to achieve their academic and personal goals is only a small part of it.  It's about our love and passion for those we serve.  Whether remote or in person, even through a pandemic, our students provide us with amazing moments every day.  


NCIMS Principal, Gemette McEachern, says, “The staff at New Century International have been working very hard during this remote learning process.  Many of our teachers have listened and read negative comments from stakeholders about what we are doing and not doing for kids.  However, our teachers understand and know their WHY!  Their ‘why’ keeps them planning lessons, calling parents, extending grades, training, and attending professional development to be the best teachers they can be.  It's important that our teachers voice it and share it to drive out the negative noise.  Regardless of the face of education, we know our why, and we are here to serve.”

So, throughout the month of February, our Titan team members shared our “WHY!” videos on ClassDojo, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to remind our families of our love for them and our passion for education.