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World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

We are proud to offer The World's Finest Chocolate $2 bars.  Please ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives to buy this yummy chocolate!  We will be selling the variety case consisting of 6 flavors.  They are Caramel Whirls, W.F. Crisp, Continental Almonds, Almond, Mint Meltaways,and Wafer.  


The bars are only $2 a piece and $60 for the entire box.  

Start selling and pay for a box in full when you sell all of the chocolate.

Prizes will be awarded according to how many boxes are sold by each student.

This fundraiser will raise money to purchase technology devices for classrooms to support your child's learning.  The school will purchase Clear Touch boards.  Clear Touch TVs are the next generation of education.  They have intuitive interface, versatile software and touch screen technology.  


Step 1:  Checkout your first box and earn your first prize.

Step 2:  Pay for your box and receive another prize.

Step 3:  Continue checking out boxes and earning prizes.