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Honeycutt Plan B Re-entry (pending metrics)

Week                      EC Separate              Grades K-2                                         Grades 3-5

January 7-8             Daily                           Cohort BB only                                  Virtual

January 11-15          Daily                          Cohort AA only (11th & 12th))            Virtual (11th & 12th)
                                                                   Cohort BB only (14th & 15th)             Cohort BB only (14th & 15th)

January 19-22         Daily                           Cohorts AA & BB                               Cohorts AA & BB

January 25-29         Daily                           Cohorts AA & BB                                Cohorts AA & BB

February 1-5            Daily                          Transition to Plan A                            Transition to Plan A 


*Wellness Wednesday is designated as a remote learning day for all students and telework day for staff.

Please watch this re-entry video:

The following contains FAQ’s for re-entry:

Pathway to a Safe and Healthy Return Recording:
Password:  PybBqPK4

Honeycutt Healthy Return Q & A :