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Stay Connected with SFCMS

You can stay connected with SFCMS by receiving our ParentLink calls and texts. However, if you or someone in your household blocks the number from which the automatic ParentLink calls originate, you will not receive any phone calls with updates from SFCMS or Cumberland County Schools from that number.

If you are accidentally opted-out of automated calls from ParentLink, you can opt-in by calling the ParentLink Hotline at 1-855-502-7867 and selecting Option 2. The user must call from the number that is blocked in order to change the status.

If you have changed your phone number or address, please contact the school as soon as possible to update your contact information so that you receive important back-to-school information via mail, telephone, and text. Please call the office at 910-864-0092 to learn more about updating your information.