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Updated SFCMS Arrival & Departure Procedures

Arrival Directions

  • The crossing guard will only allow right turns into the 71st parking lot.  If you turn onto 71st School Road from Raeford, please pass the school and continue to Foxberry Lane on the left.  You can use that road to turn around and enter our lot from the right.
  • Please have your student(s) ready so that when you turn the curve and stop so they can immediately exit the car.  Please do not wait until you reach the stop line to discharge your passengers if you stop earlier.  

Dismissal Direction

  • Please do not arrive before 2:20 PM.
  • We will split into two lines at the curve.
    • The left-hand lane will be for 6th graders.
    • The right-hand lane will be for 7th and 8th graders.
    • If you are picking up a combination of 6th grade and a different grade, please use the left lane.
  • We will load both lanes of traffic at once. If you have a placard with student names on your dash, we will call the names. If not it will be the student’s responsibility to recognize their car and load.
  • Once we are ready to move a line, if your student is not in the car you must move with the line and pull off into the parking area in front of the gym. A staff member will assist you in locating your student. We will not hold up a line for an inattentive student!

Important Notes

  • A major issue we are having is parents who leave our line and join the line for Loyd Auman. To be clear - you may not join the Auman line directly from our parking lot! This is not only disrespectful to the other Auman parents in line, but it stops our line from moving completely.
  • Parking and walking up to pick up your student is not allowed. For safety reasons, we will not allow parents to park and approach our students.
  • Students are not allowed to walk to Auman or 71st High School. This is defined as Disorderly Conduct according to the CCS Code of Conduct. 
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to carpool. Our enrollment is up significantly from what it has been the last few years, so the only way to reduce congestion is to increase the number of students in each car. To encourage this practice we will add a carpool pickup line at the front of the school. If you pick up at least two SFCMS students and would prefer to pick up your students at the front of the school (by the rock and in front of the cafeteria), please complete the form located on page 2 of the attached document. You will be notified when/if you are approved for pickup at the front.