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Kindergarten Staggered Entry

E.E. Miller Kindergarten Staggered Entry --- July 2021

  • All Kindergarten students will participate in Staggered Entry.
  • Incoming Kindergarten students will attend one day (either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) during the first week of school.  
  • A parent will enter the school and report to our multipurpose room the morning their child is assigned for Staggered Entry. Parents will sign in and complete an emergency contact form prior to the child entering a classroom (The intake process may take a parent 15 minutes. The front school doors will open for kindergarten parents beginning at 7:15. All parents should arrive prior to 7:45. Kindergarten parents are asked to arrive for pick up at the school between 1:50 and 2:05.
  • Students will not be assigned a teacher of record for the opening week of school.
  • Students will be divided into smaller groups and placed in classrooms upon arrival.
  • Kindergarten teachers will use the staggered schedule to begin initial entry assessments, such as:
    • Basic math skills (counting, number and shape recognition)
    • Letter identification (upper and lower case)
    • Concepts of print
    • Listening skills (following 1 & 2 step directions)
    • Fine motor skills
    • Vocabulary assessment 
    • Social skills & behavior
  • Parents/families will be notified of teacher assignments via phone call / email prior to Open House.
  • The expectation of Friday’s Meet and Greet  is for families to have an opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and receive any pertinent information regarding the upcoming school year.  Students will not remain at school on this day.



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Kindergarten students in

Spanish Immersion Classes

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Online or Face to Face Meet and Greet

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Kindergarten students in



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Online or Face to Face Meet and Greet

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All Kindergarten Students report: Monday, August 2, 2021 

Students arrive at between 7:15 and 7:45 / Dismissal is at 2:25

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