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Cumberland Family Academy Presents: Committed CommUNITY Chats with Dr. Connelly

Cumberland County Schools (CCS) is excited to announce the upcoming Committed CommUNITY Chats with Dr. Connelly, presented by Cumberland Family Academy, the district’s family engagement outreach arm. These chats will provide a valuable platform for dialogue and collaboration between the superintendent and stakeholders across all 10 attendance areas in CCS.

The Committed CommUNITY Chats are inspired by the successful CLC3 Tour hosted by Dr. Connelly upon his arrival in 2018. After serving as superintendent for five years, his goal is to share an update on the progress the school system has made since implementing the Cumberland Commitment: Strategic Plan 2024 and discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

"As we look ahead to the Committed CommUNITY Chats, I'm excited about the opportunity to connect with our dedicated staff, engaged students, supportive families and the wider community,” said Dr. Connelly. “These chats are more than just meetings; they are a chance for us to come together, share insights, and shape the future of our school system. Expect open and honest conversations about our progress and a commitment to continuous improvement. Your voices matter, and I'm eager to hear your thoughts as we continue to work together to provide an excellent education for all of our students.”