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Plan B Transition and Reentry

January 6-15: K-12 All Virtual Learning (Holiday Incubation Period to assess the impact of COVID-19).

January 18: Staff and student holiday
January 19-22
● EC Separate Students and Pre-K (Virtual), Grades K-8 (Virtual)
● Grades 9-12 (EOC/CTE testing only face to face with all other students Virtual).
Students who are not comfortable with face to face EOC/CTE testing can take the tests
during the makeup periods in February and later in the spring semester.
January 25-29

● EC Separate & Pre-K attend daily,
● Elementary (K-2 Cohorts attend AA&BB),
● Grade 6 and Grade 9 (Cohorts AA&BB),
● Grades 3-5 (Virtual), all other secondary students (grades 7, 8, 11, 12) will remain virtual

*When students are not face to face they will learn virtually