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Learn more about Policy Code 3620 Update: Extracurricular Activities, Co-curricular Activities and Student Organizations

As our students prepare to kick off a new school year, we are fully aware of the challenges that many of them faced last school year as we navigated through a global pandemic. In Cumberland County Schools and school districts across the nation, the effects of the pandemic have negatively impacted some students’ access to instruction, attendance and ultimately their final grades.

Board Policy 3620 requires students to maintain a certain grade point average and attendance rate to take part in various school-based activities. However, we understand the value of interscholastic athletics, extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities and how they positively impact the lifelong learning process. Because of challenges associated with the pandemic, the Board of Education has temporarily waived the following components of Policy 3620 for the previous semester (Spring 2021) only:

  • 2.0 grade point average or a minimum of a 70 for the previous semester;

  • “missed no more than 54 class periods” of a 4x4 schedule for the previous semester; and

  • “must be in daily attendance 85 percent” on a traditional 7-period schedule for the previous semester.

As we prepare for the “Great Comeback” and welcome students back to school for in-person learning, we will continue to provide them with opportunities to improve their grade point averages and earn credits for courses that they did not pass. We believe our students are resilient and will emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever before.