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Graduation Pictures

Lifetouch is excited to work with students and parents for the  upcoming Graduation Ceremony on 6/4/24.  

This is a very exciting milestone for students and families, and they look forward to working with you. 

Please follow the link below to answer the questions in their Confirmation Form. 

Be sure to grab the 5- or 6-digit account number from the subject line to answer the first question. 


Lifetouch is thrilled to announce that they have partnered with PhotoDay to give  parents the ease and convenience they expect on Picture Day. 

  • A Digital Flyer and QR Code Banner is attached. This is your digital marketing materials. 
  • No paper order forms, cash or check exchanges for your families 
  • Easy mobile ordering right from their devices. Images take 7-10 Days to be on the Website 
  • Orders ship directly to their homes 
  • Simply scan the QR code on the flyer or text the unique access code that is set up for this event.

Scan this QR Code


QR code to opt graduation pictures