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Background Checks for Guests & Visitors

A background check is required for any guest or visitor who will have direct contact with scholars during the school day. (e.g., guest speakers, mentors, volunteers in the classroom, outside tutors).

There is not a requirement that we obtain background checks for school visitors who have minimal contact with children (e.g., parents coming to an assembly, parents coming to a parent-teacher conference, etc.). A background check will not be required for university staff members who will be participating in college counseling/recruiting as long as this occurs in common areas with CCS staff being vigilant and supervising.

We will continue our practice of requiring a background check for volunteers and the majority of our vendors. As we continue to roll out the Raptor Visitor Management System, all visitors should be screened via this new program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the HR office.

Be sure to have your volunteer complete the electronic volunteer form prior to volunteering in the building.